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living simply       building with earth.  Jehane's 

  • Only a few generations ago, the Shoshone tribe, part of the Paiute., lived here everywhere!. Now, have homes in Death Valley.

  • In our area we see the remnants of lava, volcanic eruptions and high in our mountains, the vegetation and shores of  a huge lake.


  • How can we now honor those who lived long ago here, close to the earth?

  • In our small way, 3 Moons project  wants to experience and share in a way how we can live in harmony with our earth. 

  • We strive to live comfortably, with the challenges of heat, cold, sun, wind and precious desert water!


  • Some of us like me! Pushed by passion to invent here with earth  and whatever! to build! 

  • Since 2015, with great appreciation! Thank those who have come , joined with me! worked, created.

  • 3 Moons project is the product of many willing efforts, inspirations  grunts of effort! And sometimes, Laughs! 

  • ‚Äč


beginning the tipi. with Anthony and Chip! wonderful!!! 2 years later Donovan and Karina bambooing and palm frond cover!! another wonderful!!!  with the many enthusiasms and work! 3 moons project becomes!!  workdays,   woofers, hovos and just simply those   who want to be part of the creation of 3 moons project! look forward to have you come too!!!

Tom and Jessie plastering the little sunk greenhouse, Now waiting for next season's hoop top! .

love to hear from you! comments! et al!